Omaha Homes for Sale Outlook

There's an old saying that a good investment doesn't cost: it pays. Buying Omaha real estate has never been better; whether it's for living in or investment. Omaha homes for sale can be had for almost any price, old or new, big or small.

The new developments out to the west are ranging from around $130,000 to multi-million dollar residences. We have plenty of real estate that can accommodate horses, commercial buildings, and even farmland. Contact us first for any interest in custom homes Omaha may have to offer you!

People flock to the Omaha neighborhoods due to it's location as well as ambience. That's something that never goes out of style and is a great sales feature.

Why look for Omaha Real Estate?

According to CNN Money, housing costs often run up to 60% of earned income. In Omaha, real estate costs about 12%. That makes another great reason to live in Omaha. But, taxes make a difference too. Real estate taxes are 2.0% to 2.6% of the assessed value. It is a lot higher in other places.

Mortgage companies are eager to finance Omaha homes for sale, and offering to finance 125% of the value. While that's great, speak to Ellen Blinn to discuss the advantages and disadvantages inherent to this type of financing.

Omaha real estate is relatively stable given the industry giants it hosts like:

  • Conagra
  • Berkshire Hathaway
  • First Data
  • Union Pacific
  • Gallup Organization
  • Ameritrade
  • 30 Fortune 500 company manufacturing plants

It also is home to a number of large telemarketing firms, and has Offlutt Air Force Base nearby.

The real estate market is always in flux, undergoes corrections, and rise again. Buying a home is a good way to save for the future. You are paying equity into your future; not rent to a landlord.